Thursday, July 06, 2006

Maria Callas vs. Renata Tebaldi

"Comparing Tebaldi with me is just like comparing coke with champagne," Maria Callas is reported to have said one day. Both sopranos have long been dead but the rivalry between the highly partisan fans of the two divas is still very much alive and kicking: while working on my new YouTube opera links (on the right side of this page), I've stumbled across some very recent and extremely incensed comments about Callas and Tebaldi here (press the "View all comments" button on the YouTube window). It's worth the read.

Dad, weren't you here?

The arrival of Maria Callas in Lisbon in March 1958.

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Mami said...

O pai escreveu um longo comentário que desapareceu todo antes de ser gravado. Não é só a mim que acontecem estas coisas...