Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Portugal 0 - France 1

So, after reaching the semi-finals for the second time in 40 years, Portugal is once again out of the World Cup at this stage. In 1966 it was England, now it was France that ended the Portuguese dream of winning the world's most important football tournament. Scolari is to blame for having Pauleta on for most of the game (when was the last time he scored? he is a shadow of his former self...) and both Deco and Figo were extremely disappointing. Cristiano Ronaldo carried the match on his shoulders for Portugal. Twinkle-toes, as he is known around here, does deserve a lot of praise for carrying on as brilliantly as he did in spite of the public's hostile reaction every time he had possession of the ball.
The penalty that led to Zidane's goal was pure bad luck for Portugal.
Anyway, it's only a game. Better luck next time.


Anonymous said...

in the name of all portuguese i'd like to say thanks.... you were the only one so far who said something nice about our national team...

Rauf said...

Well ! Its just a game Claudia.

you have your music and books.

Claudia said...

I have never seen such biased media as English media when it comes to Portugal. It's incredible what I'm reading in the papers and hearing on TV! The Portuguese kept throwing themselves to the ground, dropping like flies???!!! What about Thierry Henry's dive in the penalty area that led to Zidane's goal? What do you call that? And Zidane's dive for which he almost got a yellow card? Cristiano wasn't pushed at all???? We all saw he was!
The English really can't digest defeat very gracefully!

iznogood said...

So, football comments!
Well it's only a game!
But it wasn't a great victory for France!
As for the English attitude, did you notice only now??????
Message for anonymous; read the portuguese media and you'll find everything about national hysteria

Anonymous said...

Lê o blogame mucho, acho que vais gostar.

Claudia said...

É que é tal e qual!!! A imprensa daqui meteu-me nojo mas nojo a sério!
Quem mais quiser ler o Blogame Mucho:

Claudia said...

And when the media is so completely biased in one matter who is to say it's not biased on much more important matters? I'm extremelly disappointed in the BBC, The Guardian and The Observer, just to name a few. Iznogoog, as usual I've been too naive..