Sunday, July 09, 2006

Portuguese literature

It's such a gloomy, rainy, windy and cold day, I feel I woke up in a late Autumn morning. As usual on weekends, Clara got up and woke me at 7am, much earlier than on school days, and I didn't get much sleep because I stayed up late last night reading.

Since none of these works are (yet) available in English, I'm not writing about them in my Codices blog (which always links to Amazon for further reviews and the possibility to purchase). However, I must say that they are excellent products of brilliant and exceptional minds.

Saramago's tortuous but genial mind usually delivers works that are streaked with powerful philosophical and sociological considerations and sublime, surrealist moments of revelation.

A.Lobo Antunes IS a genius with an unmatched balance of intelligence and sensibility in contemporary Portuguese literature (I especially enjoy his chronicles, far less demanding than his novels... I'm a bit lazy sometimes...). The compilation of letters he wrote, daily, to his wife during the two years (1971-1973) when he was stationed in Angola during the colonial war (and which were written long before he had published a book) are a compelling tribute to love and courage and provide an exceptional close up of what the colonial war must have been like for those directly fighting in it. A. Lobo Antunes had just finished his medicine degree and got married when he went to Africa to serve as a doctor near the Angola-Zambia frontier. His wife was a couple of months pregnant when he left. A touching and extremely interesting book, put together by the couple's two daughters after their mother's death.

I haven't finished reading Vasco Graça Moura's novel yet (I'll post about it when I have, at the end of the week) but, as with most anything he writes, I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

I've started, but won't be able to finish before the holidays, Eduardo Prado Coelho's Ph.D. thesis, Os Universos da Crítica (1987). It's demanding and slow reading but it's been yielding its rewards. Found interesting blog entry about EPC here.

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