Monday, July 24, 2006


How can the people who survived the horror of the holocaust so cruelly inflict such pain and misery on innocent civilians (most of them children)? How is the World to "understand" such inhumane acts of proclaimed "self-defense"?!!
Some 380 Lebanese (civilian and mostly children) and up to 40 Israelis (most of them soldiers) have died in the 13 days of this conflict which befell the people of Lebanon with no warning whatsoever! The mothers torn away from their infants, the wide-eyed horror and shock indelibly written on children's faces, the gruesome despair of at a situation which went out of control in a blink of an eye and which no one is seriously trying to do anything about?
How can we all just watch and do nothing?
Read this. You must!
Do something!


Rauf said...

They don't need a reason to wage a war Claudia. Reasons are created. They have to drop the bombs somewhere, This is how money, business is generated, this is how the economy booms. Blair and Bush work for those people. They have no compassion. they want their weapons sold and used, so that they can make and sell more weapons. they don't care about the innocent civilians. There is no value for life.
They call themselves civilised people.

Anonymous said...

True what Rauf said ... otherwise Bush won't have the heart to massacre his own people at WCT 911

btw .. such an interesting blog of yours