Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Stormy weather

We were under some mighty thunderstorms yesterday in the evening and again this morning. Some houses in this area got hit by lightning, there were flash floods that caused some schools to be closed and some fool who was playing golf also got hit by lightning. At first the girls were scared. After a long while, however, they were just bored they couldn't watch the telly or use the laptop (I always switch off the mains power supply to TV, microwave and computers during electrical storms). My flowers got a bad beating, the rain was so intense... I tried in vain to take some photos of the lightning but had no luck, so the above picture is not mine, although it was taken in this area.
More storms are coming our way.
Summer thunderstorms, with very hot and humid weather, hail and wind, always remind me of tornado weather in the USA. Coincidence or not, I had just watched Twister on TV on monday night.

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