Saturday, July 22, 2006

Waddesdon Manor

Today we paid a visit to Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild's old shack, Waddesdon Manor, near Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire (Buckinghamshire was once known as "Rothschildshire" because of the many properties the Rothchilds had here). I had to work on the girls' enthusiasm a bit (they wanted to go to an amusement park instead but the weather was too unstable) by telling them beforehand about the rich Baron's tragic love for Evelina, who died giving birth to a stillborn son just a year after they were married. He loved Evelina so much, he never remarried.
The palace's interiors, as I had half expected already, surpass in opulence, elegance and style any others we've seen in England so far (Woburn, Leeds, Blenheim, Windsor, Hampton Court, etc.). A true gem. Sis was flabbergasted and the kids behaved wonderfully out of sheer admiration and respect for such richness and beauty.
The day didn't turn out perfect, however, because a tremendous thunderstorm caught us in the middle of the visit and we didn't get to see the gardens except from inside the palace (rotten luck, as we had already paid to see them..). We left under diluvian rain, soaked to the bones, and with every intention of going back on a finer day.

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Rauf said...

Never heard of a Waddesdon Manor.
Thank you for the details Claudia. India has lots of palaces. I stand there and visulalise their past glory.

Do you remember a TV comedy serial ' to the Manor Born' ? Penelope' keith was her name. Quite a few PG Wodehouse stories tell you how difficult it is to maintain these Manors and their pride