Monday, July 10, 2006

Zizou, what came over you?

I'm not going to dignify Zinedine Zidane's headbutt to Materazzi's chest with much of a post. Anyone in their perfect senses who saw it was shocked and immediately understood that Zidane's career had ended in the most profound disgrace (even the despicable BBC commentators who kept saying over and over again, up to that point, that France should win de World Cup because Zidane was the best player in the world and that he was retiring and that HE just HAD TO go out in glory, and that France had played better than Italy during the tournament(!!!), understood that there was no excuse possible for such madness and they just had to shut up - good rinse!).
I am, however, writing this because I'm truly appalled at the fact that Zidane went on to win the Golden Ball in spite of it all (it's a prize awarded by journalists, but still...). I know that the voting for the trophy (best player in World Cup 2006) took place before Zidane's insanity, but desperate times deserve desperate measures and the Golden Ball should have gone to whoever came in second in the vote (did this not happen just because it was an Italian, Fabio Cannavaro, who came in second??).
Anyway, everyone (again, journalists...) seemed to be so utterly convinced that France was going to win the tournament, I'm really beginning to wonder whose "big game" was spoiled when they didn't.
And another thing, by the way: Italy DID deserve to win the World Cup.
P.S. - And once again it was demonstrated that no other goalkeeper in the world stops penalty shots like Ricardo.


iznogood said...

I don't give a damn about who won the World Football Championship but I am puzzled that so many people - including you - take it for granted that Zidane lost his mind.He,even as an average intelligent man, should have known that his gesture would cause him extreme prejudice. So, if he did so he must have had VERY powerful reasons. And with the answer that Matterazzi gave to the press - I am too ignorant to know what terrorist is - I have no difficulty in suspecting that Matterazzi is every bit of a son of a bitvh as it is needed to find the right words to make someone go over his head. And after Le Pen's declarations about non-white players on the team, calling Zidane a terrorist is as much an agression as Zidane's one. Only it didn't show...
Do rio que ultrapassa as margens dizem que é violento mas ninguém chama violentas ás margens que o oprimem (BBrecht)
So, let's stop going for apparences and think a little bit further (and I have no personnal sympathy for Zidane, neither I give a damn about a soccer professional life ending)

Claudia said...

Whatever the provocation (which I'm sure was pretty bad but which always abound in the field), the reaction is inadmissible. What you are defending leads us to the justification of physical agression and homicide if the provocation is "sufficiently bad". It's the reasoning behind honour killings, which are appalling. It can't be an eye for an eye, Iznogood!!!

Anonymous said...

Good reasoning,good english, wrong attitude do iznogood, don't you think?

Claudia said...

Dear anonymous, I don't believe Iznogood really defends physical violence as a response to provocation (in fact, knowing him well, I'm sure he doesn't). He does like to go against the hype (a bit like yourself) even if sometimes that detracts from an entirely coherent position.