Monday, October 16, 2006

Good things in life - 1

1. Finding God in Mozart's and Beethoven's music.
2. The wind rustling the auburn autumn leaves in the trees that line the silent country lane you're walking down on your own.
3. The warmth and softness of your child's body, sleeping next to you.
4. Eyes that look at you overflowing with unconditional love.
5. Sharing what you love with whom you love.
6. Getting/sending a letter or a present in the post from/to someone you care about.
7. Reading a good book, in peace and quiet.
8. Looking at something beautiful.
9. Affording to have time to notice and enjoy the small details that make all the difference.
10. Winning a challenge.
11. Being able to pour out your feelings by playing the piano with your eyes wide shut.
12. Having a purpose in life and being able to pursue it.
13. Being useful, needed and loved without feeling burdened.
14. The smell of freshly grounded coffee.


Anonymous said...

Feelings we share...
Love u

iznogood said...

I got number 6!