Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Good things in life - 2

1. A word of encouragement.
2. A spontaneous compliment.
3. A box of Neuhaus chocolates (click on the picture!!!)
4. A good night's sleep.
5. Feeling warm in the cold.
6. Having a home.
7. Making a home.
8. Listening to good music in the car, with the volume turned up loud.
9. Happiness stamped all over a much loved face.
10. Freshly baked bread.
11. The scent of a rose.
12. Crisp and luminous days of vibrant colours and contrasts.
13. Golden evenings followed by scarlet sunsets.
14. Having at least one friend who likes you exactly as you are.


Anonymous said...

Number 5 needs a subsequent entry.
Who's been nagging me about getting air conditioning in our "real estate"?

Claudia said...

Certainly not me!!!

Anonymous said...

Good morning, darling.
Did everything go well with the music test? I hope so.
Let me know. ok?

iznogood said...

Again; I got number 3!

Claudia said...

Lucky you!