Thursday, November 02, 2006

Change of tune

No more gloom. Just pomp and circumstance. Always good to look back to the proms, in this beautiful Land of Hope and Glory. Enjoy!
PS - As part of the ongoing effort to bring up the girls loving classical music as much as both their parents do, the four of us went to a classical music concert for kids during the mid-term holidays. One of the pieces that was performed was Mozart's Exsultate Jubilate, which was sung less than 20 meters away from us by an excellent, very young, very attractive and very expressive soprano. The kids reaction to this first experience of being up close to live opera was revealing of how far we still have to go: Clara, showing signs of profound embarrassment, discretely looked down during the whole piece and covered her ears (she was fine when the musical pieces were just instrumental). Ana looked gobsmacked and utterly concentrated. Later she confessed that although her initial reaction had been to start laughing, just like her grandpa when he first went to the opera (the analogy is hers), after the first brief feeling of awkwardness, she had enjoyed it and would like to "keep on learning to enjoy it" (once again, her own words).
I just had a brilliant idea: how about some tickets for the Royal Opera House as a Christmas present?

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