Monday, November 13, 2006

Murphy's Law

Today I shouldn't have got out of bed. It was one of those days when anything that could go wrong, did. Good ol' Murphy must have suffered terribly.
You know, generically speaking, the kind of day when you pick something up and then you immediately ruin it by letting it fall; and then you enter a room and the light bulb goes kaput leaving you in the darkness holding a tray full of heavy stuff; and then you go out and buy something somewhat expensive that turns out to be faulty only to realize you've thoughtlessly thrown away the receipt into a public bin; AND then, to top it all off, cherry-on-top-of-the cake, you install some cute little driver for some cute little gadget on your very fragile computer that makes it crash so badly you need to format your hard disk and reinstall your OS and all applications (this only happens to those who stupidly insist on sticking to Windows instead of relying on mighty Apple Technology).
Oh well, I can honestly say that the only good thing about today is that I'm heading off to bed now. I hope the celestial bodies that might have triggered my bad luck streak realign themselves during the night.
My treasures's smiles and happy chatter got me through the day.

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mami said...

My darling,I hope today will be better. We loved the most beautiful beautiful sights you sent to us. What memories to be kept!
Don't push yourself too hard today. You need to rest.We'll talk later.