Friday, November 17, 2006

View from my window

It's been a very wet and miserable day so far.
Ana has been complaining of stomach pains since yesterday and stayed home from school today. I took her to the doctor this afternoon because she's also developed a fever and I was afraid she might have appendicitis but it looks like it's only a virus. Nothing ultralevure and paracetamol won't cure by Monday. She feels pretty miserable and, due to maternal empathy, so do I.
In the U.K. today is Children in Need Day: the whole country goes mad trying to raise as much money as possible for child related causes. People get sponsors to do something completely insane (on BBC One I've just seen a very hairy man's chest being waxed... ouch!) and the money they raise goes to the Children in Need fund. At school kids usually earn the right not to wear their school uniform by making a £1 donation and when I went to Tesco's earlier on, most employees were dressed in the most outrageous costumes. BBC One is airing the customary star-studded live variety show from 7 pm to 2 am and this year the BBC's news presenters will be acting a James Bond parody (last year they sang Queen's "Bohemian rhapsody").

Well it's not like I was going anywhere anyway and Ana's is enjoying the show: she's just donated £10 of her own money (from the £20 she got from Granny Vicky last week!).

PS-Little pink "borrego" is fine!


Anonymous said...

I hope my sweet Anocas gets well soon. She should drink some tea with sugar before going to bed (the sweetest, the better, exceptionally!).
Lots of love

Rauf said...

When ever she compalins pain please make her lie down and tell her to fold her right leg. If folding right leg is painful she has to be rushed to a hospital.
Hope Ana is feeling fine today. Please make her stay at home for a couple of days and Avoid Indian curries, they are so spicy. Hope you don't mind this intrusion Claudia.

Claudia said...

Thank you so much for the advise and for caring, Rauf. I'm quite touched!