Monday, November 27, 2006


Welcome to the family, little one.
I can't wait to meet you and neither can your owner's delighted nieces who took ages to fall asleep last night, all because you.
You'll be so pampered during the holidays!
I hope you'll be happy and that someone takes a better picture of you soon.
You are adorable.


Anonymous said...

Hello, it is I... She slept fine. No crying at all. But she woke me up several times during the night and finally slept with me. Needless to say that, when I got up, I had several floor "paintings". Very nice when you wake up...
But she IS adorable.
Love U

Claudia said...

Ana just called little sis and your adorable puppy was sleeping. I think I'll have a huge phone bill this month. PICTURES, PLEASE!!!

Rauf said...

cute little thing