Wednesday, December 13, 2006


This is what Lisbon looks like when I'm not on pic


Anonymous said...

I've seen this Lisbon, and when I did, everything suddenly seemed to turn peaceful and still. I guess you "blend" into a certain scenario according to the mood you're in or the person you're with. I hope you can get a glimpse of it too when we go to Chapitô this Christmas (with my luck, it will be raining cats and dogs (mostly dogs) that day!)

HDN said...

I followed you from flickr into this blog to see what's up to you. AND this picture is almost too beautiful. You should produce a postcard from it, it's gonna be the most sold in Lisboa.

Claudia said...

Unfortunately this picture wasn't taken by me. If you click on it you'll open the link that will take you to the original Flick photo page, which belongs to Leonor CAV.