Saturday, December 16, 2006

Country walk

Making the most of the rare winter sunshine. Went out for a walk, back to the place where we had our anniversary lunch a couple of days back. Ye Olde Swan is a really nice pub with a cozy atmosphere and great food. You just feel like lingering in there for a whole afternoon, amidst the smell and warmth of the fireplace, the old beams and walls decorated with tasteful Christmas motifs, the inspiring views out of the wood paned windows.
The nearby church is St. Mary's. It dates back from the 13th century and it is lovely, as most of the churches in rural Buckinghamshire are.
Back home, Clara and I baked a cake for tea (as compensation for Ana being out having fun at a friend's party).
It was a nice and cozy winter Saturday.


iznonomad said...

Makes one wishing to be there and live nearby!

Claudia said...

As you very well know, you will always be most welcome!