Friday, December 15, 2006

News overload

These last few days have been dizzying in terms of News. Not only is there a cunning mass murderer at large who's killed at least five women in a very short period of time but also:
1. An investigation into big time fraud in arms dealing with Saudi Arabia has been dropped in full swing in the name of "national interests and national security"(!). I don't doubt for a second that this type of reasoning goes on all the time at institutional and corporate level but this time somebody really screwed up their job in public and media relations... As we all know, glasnost will only ever be theoretical.
2. For the first time ever in the UK, a standing PM is interviewed by the police. This happened in the course of the "cash for honours" investigation. Never mind the fact that Tony Blair was interviewed informally and possibly as a mere witness: the harm to his image is done.
3. The year 2006 has been confirmed as the hottest one on record since records began in 1856; season patterns are changing and global warming is upon us with unpredictable consequences. By 2040 there will be no ice in the Artic during summer and the North Pole will be open sea...
4. Diana's death has, once again, been attributed exclusively to drunk driving and the fact that she wasn't wearing a seat belt; it has also been re-re-confirmed that she wasn't pregnant. None of this will put an end to the conspiracy theories, of course.
5. The Sussex Strangler case once again brings into the light of day the fact that many middle class, well bred girls fall into prostitution as a result of drug addiction. Most of the time their families don't even dream about what's going on. I can't begin to imagine what some of those families are going through as this horrible story unfolds.

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