Friday, December 08, 2006

Old family photos

I've only just found these pictures on a photo CD Dad sent me a while back! I'm such a slouch!!!
The research bit (dates, places and stories) that should go with each of them is still missing but my delight at the find was such that I couldn't help but post them right away.

My paternal grandparents Olimpia and João on their wedding day (May 1st 1932)

My paternal grandmother Olimpia.

My maternal grandmother Felicidade (on the right), her sister Maria José (on the left) and my maternal grandfather Carlos.
This is the picture of Happiness...


gigi said...

I love these old photos. Any old photos, by the way. But these mean something to you so they are even more interesting.

Rauf said...

Any old picture is a delight Claudia. I have not posted the pictures of my ancestors as they all look like terrorists. I look like one too please believe me. And one of them just looks like me
like a clone.

Anonymous said...

Friendship and love do not mind "less good looking people". They see right through them, and what they see is beautiful.