Monday, December 04, 2006

On the cost of life

Since we've moved to the UK in the Summer of 2004 the price of domestic energy (gas and electricity) has almost doubled. Fuel prices have also risen sharply as did the price of water. Add these hefty monthly utility bills to the average 4-person-family grocery bills and the absolutely massive council tax and mortgage payments and you're not left with much at the end of the month.
Thank God for good public libraries, an excellent NHS, good local schools, the internet, mild winters, the abundance of rain (as of late) and an amazingly supportive family.


Anonymous said...

We'll always be here/there for one another.

Rauf said...

You are still better off Claudia,
Chldren today are more understanding and less demanding.
Travel energy water is still cheap and affordable for low income groups like mine in India. One can live comfortably but here the younger generation has its eyes on the greener pasteurs and forget to enjoy their lives for the day.