Thursday, January 18, 2007

Good morning!

Up Close and Personal
Very stormy weather predicted for today. Outside everything is flying around and it will get worse during the day.
January is just dragging itself by, nothing much happenning except for my newfound addiction to Flickr. Since I started minding the unwritten conventions of the buzzing worldwide Flickr community a few months back, I've already managed to have 19 of my photographs featured on Flick Explore (a daily selection of the 500 most interesting pictures according to the infamous and very fickle Flickr Interestingness rating). The highest ranking I got, so far, is a modest 74 out of 500 for this picture taken 4 year ago in Switzerland.

Swiss Train
For my 60 most intesting photographs, according to Flickr, follow this link.


Rauf said...

What is the flower called Calaudia ? Its like fire at the centre. Have a similar one.

Still not able to create folders in flickr, perhaps I have not spent much time on it. Just posted a few pelicans there.

Do they have any space restrictions ? Its lot easier in photobucket to create folders.

love to see all your pictures. What a beautiful bridge and the train

Rauf said...

saw them all Claudia, simply beautiful. There is no name in my link, I log in using my yahhoo account, Do I have to sign up in flickr?

Claudia said...

Thank you very much, Rauf, for your kind comments and for having had the pacience to see all of my photos!
The flower is a Lilly. Plenty of them on sale around here at this time of the year.
A free Flickr account allows you to upload 100Mb per month and will let you create a maximum of 3 folders (sets).
For unlimited storage and folders you can buy a pro account, which costs US$24.95 a year.
You have to have a Yahoo User Id and then also sign up for Flickr.
One of the things I find great about Flickr is the enormous quantity of photo pools that cover just about any subject, taste and interest you can think of. Among others, I'm a member of (i.e. I post my pictures to and comment on pictures of) a History pool, a Landscapes pool, a Nature pool, an Engineering pool, a Travel pool, an Architecture pool, a Britain pool, a Switzerland pool, a Portugal pool, an Abstract Photography pool and many others. It's an excellent way to see great photography and to get some constructive feedback on your own shots.
I wish you'd give it a try, as you are such an awesome photographer.

izjealous said...

Atão e eu que também as vi todas. No thank you very much?
Neste blog a filhos e enteados.....

Claudia said...

Sure I thanked you, izzy! But if it's a public thanks what you're after, here it goes: thank you for looking at my pictures.