Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Holiday blogging

The kids are still on holiday. They stay up late and pretty much monopolize the laptop whenever they're home. I've had little chance to blog or to visit other blogs lately (uploaded some photos onto Flickr but that's about it).
Hubby is leaving for Mumbai tomorrow and will be gone for more than a week. He's excited about the trip even though he probably won't have much of an opportunity to do some serious sightseeing. Doesn't want to take my camera: claims it's too much responsibility.
Meanwhile the girls will restart school and their activities on Monday. By now, they're pretty anxious to get back.
Before that, though, on Friday, I'll chaperone Ana's first "independent" trip to the movies with friends. I promised I'd seat at the back of the theatre and be as inconspicuous as possible. Only one other mother showed some concern about a bunch of 11-year-olds going to the movies by themselves. As she has a newborn baby and a toddler to care for, I volunteered to keep an eye on the premature teenagers. The film they're seeing is "Flushed Away" (by the makers of "Chicken Run" and "Wallace and Gromit"), so Clara can also see it with me (it's a pity all of her friends are still away).
I haven't seen Ana as excited as this for a long time. She used to be quite a TomBoy a couple of years back but now she can spend a whole afternoon trying on different clothes!

Our family, according to Clara (Rose is Clara's new baby doll)


Rauf said...

I was a bit surprised to see Rose there. As you have never mentioned a third daughter. Well a doll can be a daughter too. I know too many
families with three daughters, most of them very loving and one incredibly talented. I have not read Jane austen's 'three sisters'
Loved a Winona Ryder's movie 'the lttle women'

Once I fought for one of my nieces, I have just too many. The school was taking the all girl class to Taj Mahel. Parents insisted on going along and they did, traveled on the same train, I told them to stay away and keep distance. Girls are not given freedom in India.

Anonymous said...

So much for dearest granny...

Anonymous said...

I'm just kidding! I loved it, especially Dad's tie...

iznopsychiatrist said...

Hearts (only) on Clara and Mum????