Monday, January 08, 2007


This is Clara's depiction of Mummy and Daddy on their wedding day. Flowers are being thrown at us by the guests. The drawing is in black and white because the wedding took place a long time ago, in the old days (!!!). I just absolutely loved this little bit of explanation!!!
Motherhood is, among other things, being utterly proud of such things as this.


Anonymous said...

Just absolutely beautiful. I'm proud too.

Rauf said...

very cute indeed ! heart warming.

My friend's wife was showing the album of pictures I took at her wedding to her friends. Her daughter asked me to show where she was in the pictures, they all had a big laugh. Then years later I took pictures of her wedding, though not in detail like I did for her parents. Now she has a daughter, too young to ask questions.

Rauf said...

motherhood is divine.