Wednesday, January 10, 2007

My tribute to Salvador Dali

Time Warp at 14h19m35s - Stage 3 - Final

please clik on image or on title

time warp
A hypothetical discontinuity or distortion occurring in the flow of time that would move events from one time period to another or suspend the passage of time.



Rauf said...

First reaction was shock Claudia,
as Dali had done something else.
It took me time to understand it.
You chose a right picture to distort.
Hope there is good news from India.

Claudia said...

You are right Rauf.
I didn't try to imitate Dali. My "tribute" to him is by playing with the concept of time, distorting it just like he did but very differently (The Persistence of Memory).
Michel is back from India. He really liked it. Must go with him next time.