Friday, January 26, 2007

My true, ugly, out-of-fashion colours

I am, in principle, against the adoption of children by gay couples. I won't go into why because that's not the point. The point is that, were I to run an adoption agency, I would be compelled by law to hand children over to be brought up by homosexual couples.

I am, in principle, against abortion. I won't go into why because that's not the point. The point is that, were I to run a clinic, I would be compelled by law to perform a clinical act that goes against my conscience and deepest beliefs.

I am, in principle, against the de-promotion of the traditional family as a fundamental and structural building block of society. Yet, I must, as a compliant tax-paying citizen, fund legislation that effectively promotes mono parental families, family breakup and irresponsible, non-attentive parenthood.

I am, in principle, in favour of a person being sentenced to jail when he or she has committed an offence for which the punishment established by law is imprisonment. Yet, I've just today seen a man escape a jail sentence because the Home Secretary (!) remarked that as our jails are overflowing, only very serious offenders should be imprisoned (the ruling judge claimed that in normal circumstances he would have sent the man to jail but now he had to take this "orientation" into consideration whenever he's sentencing). Great! Jail capacity is now dictating judicial sentences.

I find myself living in a world where fundamental individual principles and beliefs are increasingly trampled on by the politically correct few that hold the reins of media and politics and where the right to object has ceased to exist.

As I can't just walk out the door and go get a new set of fashionable blasé PC principles and I honestly don't think that they can grow on me at this age, I must do my best to adapt my old fashioned principles to the times so that the children I'm bringing up do have some principles and beliefs (not that I expect that to be much worth in the future if the future is what's staring at us here and now).


Rauf said...

overflowing jails in such a small country ? All our jails put together would form England.
Do you remember Papillon Claudia and the french penal system ? That was way too harsh.

Yes The Society decides what is good for you. Unfortunately there is no perfect society in the world. No perfect system. Closest is a democracy, but it has too many holes in it. The west considers itself 'civilised' and thrusts the western values down the throats of unwilling people,
resulting in more bloodshed.

Your colours are not ugly or out of fashion Claudia, they suit you and may not suit the others. i would like to enforce the laws of nature on humans, which would prove to be such a disaster. For instance, the institution of marriage itself is so unnatural.
It will be quite shocking to you.
But the human society is standing on thousands of years old values which can't be changed.

iznolnpdmzmv said...

One for Rauf!
"For instance, the institution of marriage itself is so unnatural".
Yes, it is, Rauf you are right!

But you miss the point, Claudia dear (or dear Claudia)
The point is that you are not forced to do things because of a few but because the majority of people think that this (whatever it is) is the way to do things correctly. Now, if such is not the case, you (the majority) will be able to correct the way things are done by voting on the next elections in favour of whoever tells you that he/she defends different values (your values). And if your values are synchronised with the values of your fellow citizens, then, your values will win and be enforced... This is not enough? I tend to agree with you. But, oh dear,then again.. when me and lots of others defended the institution of an all-of-the-time revokable political representation you (and many others - in fact the vast majority of people) shouted "horror! Down with "poder popular"!.

Now... another discussion would be about the ways in which minorities can express themselves or live the way they want to. Well this is a serious matter. Anyhow we do not burn them down anymore, accused of witchcraftcy or being jews, but the problems you write about are real (of course you do not write about the "mirror" problems: What about people who believe in those things you do not believe in and are forced NOT TO do it because law prevents them to do so - and believe me there are a lot more situations of this last kind than of the kind you write about, because there are a lot more not-so-liberal countries than liberal ones. What about peple that believe that women should be free to decide on abortion and cannot perform them according to the law?)
Well, Dear Claudia (or Claudia dear): isn't this a consequence of massification brought by globalisation? Although it is true that you have nowadays more possibilities of finding a community in which you can live by your standards, there is, in fact more and more the tendency to massificate values. But this is not because of PC (politically correct) Once again the clever think thank that invented this buzzconcept wanted nothing else than mislead you by choosing the wrong "guilty party". In fact the guilty party is "the economy", (stupid - to cite another buzzsentence that I hate)or to put it better still, "the market". Corporations (and not politics - or then you must consider the ideological level and there I would agree with you - but you would desagree with me...)are the ones that are to be pinpointed for the narrowing of the possibilities of alternative ways of living.

Claudia said...

The point is that a handfull of "illuminati" brainwash the gullible millions who vote. I know that (supposedly) there is no better substitute for democracy but democracy as it is practiced today is just a scam and a coverup: the real power is not in the hands of those who vote, as both of you very well know.
We're all tired of hidden agendas and we're all tired of what's going on around us, yet we are in no position to do anything about it and we end up just looking away and getting on with our lifes.

Claudia said...

Izzy, I'm going to turn off word verification because of you but I'm pretty sure I'll get spammed again and in that case it's coming back on and you'll just have to bear with it :-)

Claudia said...

Rauf, it is true that marriage can be seen as unnatural but then again most contracts could be seen as unnatural. It is only recently that the concept of marriage has been misleadingly tied with the concept of love. Love and enfatuation are ephemeral but marriage should remain on fundamentally being a contract between 2 (or more) people to ensure the necessary stability and security for bringing up a family.

As for western values, I'm not one for thinking that they are better than any other values.

Any "conquering" power thrusts its values down the throats of those who are conquered (nowadays the decisive battles are mainly fought in the economics and financial arena). Look back to the Assyrians, the Turks, the Greeks, etc.

Sylvia said...

tough matter the "gay issue", here are Gatochy´s thoughts on the matter, but her blog is one of my favourites as yours is.

Claudia said...

Sylvia, I can't thank you enough for bringing to my attention Mariana's blogs, which I'll also start reading with interest (I wish I could read your blog but even with the help of Google's language tools I really can't decipher Icelandic :-))
There are a number of reasons why I don't agree with Mariana, the first of which being that a child's best interest should always be put above all other interests however "racist" or "homophobic" others might WRONGLY consider it. I'll try to fully develop my reasoning on a comment to Mariana's post.
Thanks again, Sylvia.

izfreeofwordverification said...

Ready for "poder popular", then.
And a true "Passionara" you will be!

Claudia said...

Poder popular????? No such thing exists...