Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Winner Takes It All

Playing on the iPod, perfect for a gloomy day such as this, is "The Winner Takes It All", one of the best ballads by ABBA (if not THE best...).

It was released in 1980, when I was 13 years old, and I remember my mixed feelings about it: I loved it because it IS a beautiful song but I also felt sad because it was a sure sign that my favourite band was breaking up. I really liked Agnetha Fältskog at the time and everybody knew that this song was very representative of what was going on in her life (it is claimed, however, that it was her ex-husband, Björn Ulvaeus, that wrote the lyrics inspired by his recent divorce and while he was drunk...).

In a 1999 poll for Channel Five, "The Winner Takes It All" was voted Britain's favourite ABBA Song.

In a 2006 poll for a Channel Five programme, "The Winner Takes It All" was voted "Britain's Favourite Break-up Song".


Rauf said...

Sad to see them go. Do you remember Abba the movie ? Loved it. Saw a few times
I used to drag my niece along, she's in Australia now with 2 kids
born 64, you are younger than my niece Claudia. I think the whole movie shot in Australia ?
Finally the radio interviewer meets them in an elevator ?

Claudia said...

I'm afraid I never saw the movie, Rauf.