Friday, February 09, 2007

Back to [*almost*] normal

Schools are open again. It's the last day before midterm, so the kids weren't that sad about it. The snow family kept vigil to our house all night and still looks very dignified out on the lawn (only two carrot noses fell but they're back in place already). The roads are icy but driving Ana to school was a piece of cake.
I'll have to start packing for tomorrow. The washing machine broke down two days ago and the engineer won't come before next Monday, which is too late for me to get all the laundry done before going. I've been hand washing some things but dirty clothes seem to be endowed with spontaneous generation around here. I'm actually planning on getting some laundry done at Mum's! That, along with the fact that I'm going alone with the girls, almost gives this entire trip an adolescent flavour...
I've also been stocking the freezer with plenty of food for hubby. Still have to clean and cook a lot today, though. Why is a woman's job never done?

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