Monday, February 05, 2007

Divided Kingdom

I found mild similarities between Rupert Thomson's Divided Kingdom and some of Jose Saramago's dystopian novels. But whereas Saramago's Blindness is a supreme literary and sociological masterpiece (it, alone, is justification enough for his Nobel Prize), Thomson's novel never makes it past the amusing and entertaining mark. Some of the considerations and situations are excellent but the ending is pretty disappointing.
All in all, I guess it's worth the read if you're into dystopian novels.


izfreeofwordverificationthanks said...

surprise! I didn't know that you liked Saramago enough to consider his Nobel as deserverd (It is also my opinion)

Claudia said...

I don't understand your suprise as I've never kept that opinion to myself. Although I think both Miguel Torga and Antonio Lobo Antunes should win the Nobel Prize for Literature, that doesn't mean that Saramago's isn't fully deserved.

izwhatever said...