Sunday, February 04, 2007

Food techonology

Clara brought home a bowl of fruit salad she made at school on Friday. She was very proud of having prepared it herself, using knife, chopping board and all, and the truth is that it was quite delicious.

Both my girls have now proven to be apt to dish up some yummy munchies for their aging parents, even if it's only when they're "inspired" to do so (which is not too often, I'm afraid).

Ana is more of an experimental cook: she likes to come up with unusual ingredient combinations for her recipes and some of them actually turn out to be quite a success, like her scones with cherries or her apricot and walnut bread, very much praised by her food technology teacher. Routine cooking and preparations bore her (in fact, any type of routine seems to bother her...).

Clara, on the other hand and perhaps due to her tender 6 years of age, loves to help out on the basics, like washing, pealing and chopping fruits and vegetables, beating the eggs, measuring ingredients, seasoning salads and arranging the food in attractive displays.

It's great to see them enjoying themselves in the kitchen. I believe that basic nutritional knowledge and proper cooking play a fundamental role on maintaining a healthy relationship with food throughout life and I'm very glad that their schools are helping me out on this one.

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