Sunday, March 18, 2007

Mother's Day

Mother's Day

It's Mother's Day in this corner of the world (in Portugal it's only in the beginning of May and Father's Day is tomorrow). Got these lovely flowers and cards from my babies and also a DVD.

Last but not least, Ana wrote this very special story just for me:

Most Special Mum!
by Ana W.

“And the winner is…” announced the man in the black suit, into the micro-phone.
I was practically jumping out of my seat with excitement! I was so nervous, even though I was absolutely sure of what the answer would be!
You see, it all started some months ago, when I saw on TV an advertisement saying that a new show was about to start in May. It was called ‘Most Special Mum’ and as you have probably guessed, it’s a Mum’s show where the best mum wins!
The moment I saw the advertisement, I knew Mum just HAD to sign up! My Mum is so spectacular, her cooking is simply yummy, her personality is nice, caring, and wonderful, she’s so pretty, she does everything for you, her ideas are great, and I love her to b-i-t-s!
So I went to tell Mum and Dad about my brilliant idea, and next week my mum was already signed up for the show! I was so happy I told everyone at school, and as they all adore my mum too (for my birthday parties she prepares, that are just simply brilliantly cool and my friends always love them, as well as her wonderfully nice personality) I bet they are watching the live program on their TV’s right now.
So as it is already obvious, the next fabulous news I got, was that Mum was one of the 20 candidates that made it into the show! I was overjoyed, and already knew that Mum was so going to win!
And I was absolutely right! Mum kicked her way through the show, winning every task set each week. I am so proud of her, and so are Dad and my 6 year old sister, Clara.
So the weeks past, and my Mum became one of the 3 left candidates, on the last show.
And right now, as I have just said a minute ago, I’m practically jumping out of my seat in the studio where the show is being filmed live now! The man in the black suit (the person that represents the show I think) has just called in the last 3 Mum’s: Xanthe, a blonde, tall Mum, who’s really pretty, and all bubbly, and the public’s been voting for her even though most of the tasks she does are utter rubbish, and even the judges give her low marks, but at the end of each show, her name is always called out first, which is totally unfair, as looks don’t count! Then there’s Carla, a Mum who keeps on signing up for practically EVERY show, though never really wins. I think it’s because of her attitude, she’s just too confident, you know what I mean, like really full of herself and all ‘I’m going to beat you so haha!’
And then, last but not least, the best Mum of the 3, my Mum, the most special mum, the greatest Mum. The public loves her too of course, and every show we always buy tickets to be there for, cheering for her, showing how proud we are of her.
Then the big finale came, when the black suit man called out:
“And the winner is… with the most votes… Xanthe!! Give it up for Xanthe everybody!”
A loud, piercing noise filled the gigantic studio, as the audience clapped and cheered for Xanthe, who was blowing kisses to everyone (by everyone I mean; only the cute guys in the crowd of people).
My heart sank, I looked at Mum and tried to see how she felt, how her feelings were, that she hadn’t come first. But to my surprise, Mum was smiling and clapping at Xanthe like everyone else, and that’s when I realised…: Mum wasn’t a sore looser like Carla was, crying her head off and looking enviously at Xanthe while begging for the juries to say that she was better and the prize really belonged to her. Mum was fair and reasonable, and thought of others first before of herself, and that was why she was clapping and cheering for Xanthe like everyone else. And that’s when I realised I was being stupid and idiotic. Xanthe had won because of her looks, and her ‘very sweet and bubbly style’. The public might have voted her favourite, but for me, dad and Clara Mum would always be best for us. She would always win everything, in every show. She would always be the greatest for us, and our favourite.
So I knew inside, that Mum, my Mum, was ‘Most Special Mum’. Forever…



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that is just beautiful.
how proud u must be.
Love u.