Saturday, March 03, 2007

Small talk

The weather was glorious this morning. Had a real Spring feeling to it. I did my first bit of gardening of the year and acessed the damage caused by Winter (an exceptionally mild one but also very wet and windy). Both Ana and Clara had "full agendas" until 6 pm and so I had the whole day to myself, a rarity which felt good.

After dinner the weather changed and it's now raining cats and dogs. It will stay that way for the remaining of the weekend, which is a drag. We haven't put our National Trust passes to use as much as we would have liked to this year...

The girls have asked to go ice skating tomorrow and for now that's our only plan for the weekend.

Lollipop flower
Lollipop flower - picture taken 2 days ago in the garden

reflection on a rainy window at night
Reflection on a rainy night, taken a couple of hours ago...

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