Monday, June 30, 2008


História Trágico-Marítima

Vieira da Silva, História Trágico-Marítima, 1944

"My mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought, cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives."(*) Oh, how true! I just seem to be utterly useless at putting them into words, though... is there a bigger frustration than that? As I'm not much good at expressing them any other way either but they ARE nevertheless there, tormenting me and begging to come out, I believe I might just suffer from some form of autism or some other kind of impairment which I am very aware of but just can't identify or shake off...

One of the reasons why I love reading and listening to good oratory and intelligent debates is the sensation of sheer joy and fulfilment I get every time I find someone articulately and brilliantly expressing an idea or point of view which exists in my head but won't come out. It's a very rewarding click.

(*)Mel Brooks, "Blazing Saddles"

Obs.: Inspired, in admiration, by Mariana's blog.


Mariana said...

The thrill of finding "la môt juste"! I once knew a guy who was great at speaking, but who had a mental block when it came to writing. Even at school he would do great at tests if he could just answer the questions orally, but he'd flunk at written tests. The knowledge was there, but he couldn't cope with writing.

It's amazing to me that you should say such kind things about me. Thank you, Claudia!

Claudia said...

You more than deserve the praise :-)