Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Faithful and Pacient Housewife

"Now that I’m dead I know everything."

What a brilliant start to a story! And indeed Margaret Atwood's whole rendition of Penelope is superbly shrewd and witty. Penelope's assertion falls flat on its face after being dead for a while, by the way.

The idea of letting the gods and the dead inhabit the internet to keep up with the modern world I thought was fantastic. After all, that's one of the devious and obscure roles some of us modern mortals subconsciouly assign the web.

I still tend to think of the instant of death as the instant of absolute truth and revelation (even if it all doesn't make sense). Rationally it's absolutely rubbish, of course, but there's a lot more to life and death than reason and science. We all mold our own individual faiths on our own very particular fundamental needs, on our perception of the world, on what we think must exist but cannot be perceived.


Anonymous said...

One day, we all will be avatars, regenerating our mother code, trying to keep up with l'air du temps, hanging around the Net like ghosts from an ancient and more rustic age...and innocent or distracted people will interact with (us) and be caught in our webs : death people know better - maybe one day, what goes around, comes around.


Claudia said...

You are truly avant-garde, J!