Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Cool concept

by placing colored felt-tip pens in the pockets of the dress its appearance changes over time.
within an hour - to one and a half hours the colored ink bleeds into the fabric and creates a one-off design for each occasion. the owner can then clean the dress and color it in a different way for each time they wear it.

Fernando Brízio
was born in Angola in 1968. He obtained his college degree in equipment design in 1996, at the fine arts faculty of Lisbon where he is based. Since 1999 he has been developing several product design projects, as well as setting design and exhibition works for details, protodesign, m glass, droog design, the choreographer Rui Horta, Modalisboa, CCB, intramuros, fabrica, lux/atalaia, experimenta design, cor unum and gallery kreo, among others. he is professor and head of design at (Caldas da Rainha, school of art and design) and visiting lecturer at ecal (Lausanne). in 2005, he was a curator for the s*cool ibérica project. he has participated in several conferences and juries, and his work has been exhibited and published internationally.


Anonymous said...

and a very good morning to you, m. d.
Big M.

Anonymous said...

Nice, very cool...and subversive, we're always being reminded not to wear pens on our pockets...
It's also surrealist, you let the acident, became art

Claudia said...

I agree. The subversiveness of it is where the concept's charm lies. You let the accident become art... well seen, dear J!