Sunday, July 20, 2008


I have my reservations when it comes to unconditionally backing a lot of what it's supposed to represent (globalization, mergers, acquisitions, ...) but nonetheless I find this image really appealing. It's an add created last year by DDB London for The Financial Times.

Click on the image to access the Financial Times site and, once there, move mouse over each building to get its name, location and height.

You can just picture in your mind the World Trade Center Twin Towers standing at the left, can't you?


Rauf said...

Never heard of St.Mary Axe Claudia
i am baffled, just wondering what the image represents. Only thing in my mind is
'we own the world' or 'we are the world' ??
Who ever owns me, i love walking in the rain Claudia. When the globalisation is total, when the corporates own every thing one day, i would become a useless weight on the planet, they wouldn't like to have me wasting the resources. There would be no racism. Only useful and useless. You know what they will do with the useless. And the useful would be forced to remain healthy, no walking in the rain allowed. i remember a movie (Micheale York, Peter Ustinov) called logan's run.
Where only young below 30 were allowed to live. The day a person reaches 30, he is supposed to give up his life in a glorified ritual. So Micheale York runs away from the suicidal ritual, and there is police after him. He finds an old man, Peter Ustinov in ruins of New York. He brings him to the city, a thing of wonder he becomes because no one has seen an old man. They don't know what old age is.

Claudia ! this image is scary.

Claudia said...

I agree with you, Rauf. What the image represents is indeed scary.And in some measure we are already living in that scenario where only the useful to the economy matter and the useless in the grand scheme of finance are excluded. We haven't openly reached the point of actual physical removal of "undesirables" (like Hitler and others did) but there are forms of exclusion that are almost as bad.

Never saw the movie you mentioned but it sounds terrifying.