Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Start of holidays update

School is finally out and we've also had the first decent day of summer since the season began! I just hope it holds for a while so that we can finally enjoy the garden.
In less than a week's time we're flying to Portugal to see family and friends. Last year we drove all the way there! We crossed the English Channel by ferry, from Portsmouth to Bilbao, and I promised myself I would never ever be that stupid again. There were times during the 2 day journey across the Bay of Biscay when all four of us were green with sea sickness. We couldn't stand or walk straight, it was a such a rough crossing. The only good point of the whole car trip to Portugal was staying in Salamanca for two days. The zest of Spain on warm Summer evenings makes you feel good about being alive...

Latest sports achievements in swimming and athletics:


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to our beloved young champions.

Rauf said...

Pride of the family, you have Champions there Claudia. Ejnoy the vaccation. So good to be in touch with family and childhood friends