Sunday, July 27, 2008


Went to see WALL-E with the kids yesterday. It's a must see movie for anyone with children not only because it's beautifully made and has all the ingredients kids like in a movie (it's cute, it has a love story and it's funny) but mainly because of its subtle but very, very powerful message about what the future of mankind could be.

In 700 years time the Earth could indeed be covered with so much rubbish that most forms of life on it will disappear (cockroaches remain...) and surviving humans will go for a long holiday/exile in space hoping that the efficient robots they left behind to clean up the mess will one day allow them to "come back home". These future humans wandering out in space will have tiny, virtually useless legs and arms because they've stopped using them a long time ago: everything they need and want is provided by some form of robot or clever device, they don't have to move at all. Needless to say they're all big blobs of fat. They spend their lives siting/lying on comfortable, complex interactive consoles, having their every need and wish planted into their heads by clever ads and catered for by machines.

Superb animation by Pixar, as always. Even the physical similarities between WALL-E and ET are to be forgiven as they further help drive home the message. Great movie.


Rauf said...

Along with fun and entertainment hope children would remember the message. They are the future Claudia. You would notice the change in Ana and Clara dealing with waste and garbage.

In an original forest ( forest with no human intervention ) has a perfect waste management system. In other words there is no waste in a forest. The refuse of Animal A is the food of Animal B. the forest is not just trees and animals. A forest is made by micro organisms most of them invisible.
We have to study and learn from the animals.

Rauf said...

The movie which had a great impact on me is Soylent Green