Thursday, July 03, 2008

What's up?

After a couple of hectic weeks, things are finally getting back to normal.

Last week's star was undoubtedly Finn, whose arrival was celebrated by everybody but in particular awe by Nia's friends, who invariably asked their own mothers if they could also have a little brother, Clara being no exception. NO WAY!

Ana finished year 8 with two fun activity days out of town: Alton Towers on one day and bowling, quasar and ice-skating on the other. This week she began year 9. It's great smoothing the school year transition like this instead of doing it only after the summer holidays: the kids don't loose momentum and they also get enough homework to complete before school restarts in the beginning of September.

For the past three days Clara has been shinning throughout her school play about the Beatles, into which the kids, teachers and volunteer parents obviously put a lot of effort, dedication and love. It was an amazing production and a worthy tribute!

Yesterday after school, Ana received her first prize award from the very congenial City Mayor, who we got to meet in a very pleasant ceremony at the city library. There were readings from several local young authors, a very inspiring speech from a well known published author, the distribution of prizes (Ana got a £25 voucher to buy books in any major bookstore) and finally cake, biscuits and drinks while mingling and sharing views with other participants. The local newspaper was there to report the occasion and take pictures (much to my young teenage daughter's dread because she fears her friends might find it is terribly uncool to have won a poetry contest...).

Meanwhile, Nia is back in hospital for some very intensive chemo. During the weekend we're planning to visit her (and Finn, who is staying with his mother in special accommodation for the families of inpatients).

As for the weather, well, so far we've had ONE single day of hot weather since summer began and consequently haven't been doing much lounging in the garden. This year when we arrive in Portugal in four weeks' time we'll be as white as true Brits!

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