Friday, September 26, 2008


I must confess that everytime I receive a request to use one of my photographs, I still get a little tingly feeling of pride. I'm just so amazed at how far and wide my pictures are being used and what they're being used for: city guides in the iPhone and iPod touch, libraries, university projects, academic publications... the list goes on!

I've just received a very kind request from Goa to use my "Bookworm" picture in the blog of a children's library called... Bookworm. Doesn't it fit right in?


Anonymous said...

I'm also very proud. And in Goa!

Rauf said...

its a great feeling Claudia

Claudia said...

Thank you :-))

fredericknoronha said...

Thanks for giving the permission, Claudia! That was generous of you. Sujata (who runs Bookworm) was saying, just this evening, that she simply loves the photo -- and it fits perfectly!
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