Thursday, September 11, 2008


[Praia dos] Três Irmãos

Southern Lights




Rauf said...

perfect hideout

oh ! its so so good to see you back Claudia, hope you and children had a wonderful time with mom and dad.
Hope they are fine.

you must be having pots and pots of pictures, i mean, oh dear ! you can't even say sac full of pictures. Disc full of pictures doesn't sound nice. i think i'll stick to pots and pots of pictures.

oh the sky is beautiful, feel like eating it and create a myth. You have to make offerings to a monster called rauf to keep him from eating the sky. its like people used to make offerings to god Atlas so that he doesn't throw the world, or make offerings to the sun god to appear the next day. People were affraid what if the sun doesn't come back in the morning ?

Claudia said...

Thanks for visiting, Rauf.