Sunday, September 28, 2008

I'm on a roll

Yes! I've just found out I won £14.80 in last Friday's EuroMillions draw! And last week I had won £7.00, so I guess I'm on a roll [wishful thinking]!

Sadly though, this is still not enough to cover the £4100 Ana's orthodontic braces will cost[sigh]...

Anyway, today we picnicked in Stowe Gardens. The weather was OK for a couple of hours but then it turned chilly and the picnic had to end early. Still, we had a good time and enjoyed a great walk around the beautiful gardens. Ana was really curious about Stowe School , which is right next to the gardens, and she looked it up on the Internet when she got home. After a while she decided she didn't like it, which - if you consider the fees - is just as well...


Autumn trails

Stowe Landscape Gardens



Peter said...

What a wonderful Buckinghamshire landscape!

Well a few £ is better than nothing! I get at the moment a number of daily messages about gains of millions of £, $, €..., unfortunately all spams!

The older the kids get, the more they get expensive! But, it's worth it!

Claudia said...

They are by far my biggest expense and my biggest reward.

Rauf said...

i never won anything Claudia, but to win i have to buy the ticket, how can i win without buying a ticket ?
Did Ana take that picture of you Claudia ?, very crisp picture, beautiful landscape.

Claudia said...

I usually only buy lottery tickets on my birthday and Christmas, however the jackpot prize for these past two weeks was just too tantalizing. Now, because I won something both times, I'm still tempted to keep on playing even though I know I should quit while I'm ahead.
It's not me in the picture, Rauf, it's Ana.