Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Office

How many David Brents have you had to put up with at work during your lifetime?

I can really relate to this series, it's depressingly hilarious (once you've worked in The Office...)


Rauf said...

oh dear ! is that Ricky Gervais Claudia ? i recognised his voice. Saw him first in a youtube video about Darwin. He looks so short here may be because he is walking with a very tall man. He looked quite tall in the Drwin video.
Have you watched it ?
let me locate
yes i got it, here it is

Claudia said...

I can't make up my mind as to whether I love to hate Ricky Gervais or hate to love him. He's brilliant and hillarious but also seriously repulsive sometimes. Thanks for the link, Rauf. Really enjoyed watching that.