Friday, November 21, 2008

From the archives

Claudia Trafaria Cadeira 1973
Me in the Summer of 1973, when I was 7. Why on Earth wasn't I smiling? I should have smiled more throughout life... Grumpy girls become grumpy old women!


Anonymous said...

— grump·i·ness can´t find much of it in you...*

Rauf said...

Ha ! i am going to have a better camera, a diggittal, where i can see the picture immediately.

You don't have to say its you Claudia. just beautiful. Hardly any change, a bit thinner now ?

Peter said...

When I see your smile on the photo under your profile and read your posts, I have definitely no feeling of you being grumpy! In any case, you look so nice on both photos, smiling or not!

Rauf said...

You can never be grumpy Claudia, the smile on the profile picture is enigmatic like Madam Mona Lisa.
i agree with Peter

gigi said...

Lovely girl!

And what is wrong with grumpy old women?

Claudia said...

You are all too kind. Hubby and kids have confirmed it, though, I am becoming a grumpy old woman!