Saturday, December 06, 2008

Where's justice?

passeio APAC 25Nov2006 041


It's been a year today since my very dear friend Mauricio Levy was brutally murdered in the garage of his own home. His confessed murderer, who stabbed him more than 10 times in the chest and in the face while he was still sitting in his car after returning from work, is under house arrest and hasn't stood trial after all this time. It's been very difficult to come to terms with this atrocity. All I hope now is that, after two postponements, the justice of man may finally be done without any further delays.


rauf said...

Honestly i don't understand why the murderer is under house arrest possibly with comforts. there is injustice everywhere Claudia

Claudia said...

It's beyond any understanding, Rauf, a further source of pain and anger for family and friends.