Wednesday, February 11, 2009


"Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know." - Ernest Hemingway

... but right now I'm soooooooo happy because of the latest entry in Nia's Caringbridge journal:

Hope this is a day for the diary - we finally got some good news that we have been so anxiously waiting for - Nias bone marrow results came back clear, that means there is currently no sign of cancer and the Philadelphia chromosome in it - and all cells are donor cells, not her own which is great. Unfortunately there is the risk this can change, but it is great to have this status now and fingers crossed none of her old cells ever have the guts to show up again. So for the time being she would not require any further chemo, and the main issue to sort out now is her nutrition and keeping her infection free until her own immune system is up to strength again.

The plan is to give her some probiotics and drugs that calm down her guts and stomach lining, slowly reintroducing food and getting myself trained up to give her the TPN at home which can take quite a while to set it all up (we heard all kinds of time lines from a few days to 4-6 weeks so we hopefully get some clarification on it by the end of the week). We are still waiting for a final result of the biopsy to help us deciding what can be done to support her oral intake, luckily the last two days she has not been as sickish as the weeks before, so hopefully this is a good sign!



Anonymous said...

Such wonderful news!!
May Nia be healthy and fine very soon!
I love u so
"small" sis

Anonymous said...

Saúde !
Farei um brinde, here comes the sun, little darling...

Peter said...

Two good things in this short post, The Hemingway qoute and in the link!!! (About your intelligence, I had no doubt!) :-)

rauf said...

i am always happy Claudia that is why intelligence is the rarest thing for me. Happy for Nia toos