Friday, February 06, 2009


A whole week of not doing much when there's so much to do... Kids were home on Monday, Thursday and Friday, meetings, appointments and activities were cancelled, everything came to a standstill except for Hubby's travelling (braving the elements and defying common-sense, he got on one of the few running trains to London at dawn to catch the Eurostar to Brussels and hopefully still be back today; his intention to fly to Zurich on Sunday also still holds even though Luton Airport was closed all day today and even more snow is predicted for the weekend).

Staying put

Staying put

Staying put


Peter said...

Not easy to be travelling these days! I hope everything has worked for Hubby! ... and what you have to do, can you do it a bit later?

rauf said...

We have three seasons Claudia, hot hotter and the hottest. We are in hot season now. Hotter and the hottest to come. that is when i need to feel the chill looking at your gorgeous pictures.

Claudia said...

We all adjust to circumstance, some quicker than others.