Sunday, March 01, 2009

Lori Nix

Lori Nix, Library

My interest in contructed photography has been growing steadily ever since my Mother showed me some of James Casabere's work. Yesterday I stumbled upon this Lori Nix photograph and was fascinated by it. Lori Nix bends the line between truth and illusion in her photographs. She accomplishes this by photographing miniatures and models and I particularly like her The City Series.

"The line between truth and illusion in photography is one that has been frequently crossed by practitioners since the invention of the medium. Sometimes that line was crossed deliberately through the use of simple techniques like double exposing the film in order to place the same individual in two different parts of the picture (a popular technique for professionals and amateurs at the end of the nineteenth century). Other times the breach of the truth was dictated by the limitations of the materials needed to produce a picture. For example, no clouds ever appeared in a sky made with orthochromatic film, and until the 1930s rarely was a scene rendered in color, which is the most obvious breach of truth in a long list of possibilities associated with the medium. With so many opportunities to bend reality, it was inevitable that practitioners from advertising photographers to artists would exploit this characteristic of the medium."


rauf said...

i used to do multiple exposures during school days Claudia, with my cheap box camera, which my sister bought me. i owe my life to her. She is here with me, pestering me to eat.

a table covered with black cloth was my dark room and i managed to make only contact prints ( 120 negative size, square 12 exposure film) i couldn't afford an enlarger. Then i bought a used nearly falling to pieces,Russian 35mm camera and started using cheap OR WO colour transparency film. i never bought a new camera in my life Claudia, The Nikon D80 what i have now was almost new when i bought.

Now i do multiple layers on portraits only, rest are stright, i only brighten the picture if it is dark.

Digital cameras came as a blessing for me Claudia, Now i am traveling more, i had to use half my travel money only for film and processing.
that restricted my traveling.

Still i don't have your level of passion in photography Claudia, You do your best to get a good picture where as, i just take a picture and keep walking. I don't have half the interest in photography you and Ruth have. Unfortunately Ruth has stopped posting pictures in her 'Flying' blog, i have seen your stunning pictures in Flikr, fantasia, october kitchen, second life. but i don't like the format of flikr. i thought you took these pictures in 1967, did Claudia take these pictures before she was born ? then i realised its your year of birth. now you know what a dimwit i am Claudia. i think you should hold a proper exhibition of your pictures. Munch sky was stunning.
please check Marie's blog, its on the side links.

Claudia said...

Your sister must be very special, Rauf, a good person. My two sisters mean the world to me, can't imagine life without them, love them to pieces.

I've never had a digital SLR, don't have a lot of money to spend right now and there's always other priorities. My current point and shoot is a bit damaged, I took it to the beach on a windy day and it's never been the same since, even after having it repaired.

I'd like to be a good photographer one day. I dream of taking portraits as beautiful as the ones you take, they're so full of life, sentiment and colour, each telling a story and serving as inspiration.

I'll check out Marie and Ruth's blogs. Thanks.

rauf said...

you like to be a good photographer one day ?
Claudia, what are you talking ?
You already are a creative photographer a very rare and special quality among photographers. its not the equipment but its the mind behind the instrument that matters. Of course you need a good tool to work with. You already have taken the best out of your existing camera. The camera should be proud of it.

its not worth repairing a digital Claudia, i would advise you not to go for any used DSLR, its like buying a used electric bulb. i buy used ones because i can always get it exchanged. Friends everywhere.
i don't travel with D80 as its too heavy for me, i use it only for portraits. i have to leave it behind as my journalist friends depend on it. i travel with my good old Panasonic which is half dead, works in only one mode. With the cost of repair i can get a new one. when it stops working i will use it as a paper weight, My current paper weight is my old Nikon F3.

Anonymous said...

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