Thursday, April 23, 2009

Here's to Life!

I have had no time or will to blog - or indeed to sit at the computer - for the past month. There's so much to do and think about, important decisions to make, that I'm feeling a bit drained and stressed at the moment. In spite of that, I managed to get a few days away from it all, with Hubby and the kids, in the exhilaratingly beautiful southwest corner of England. Ana and Clara loved Stonehenge and the City of Bath (especially the Roman baths) but what did ME a world of good was staying in a secluded North Cornwall hamlet for a few days, no telephones, no computers, no TV, just the sea, the rugged cliffs - setting of numerous shipwrecks and looting in the past - the tiny, secret coves and paths, the seagulls and the wind. It felt good to be reminded that there's a lot more to Life than the daily routine of stress that's keeping me captive lately.

I intend to be back. Both to Cornwall and to blogging.