Friday, June 26, 2009

RIP Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson's music always made me feel good. He undoubtedly played an important role in the making of the soundtrack of my life and his young boy's smile always made me smile. He will be remembered for the good and not the bad.

RIP Michael.


Ruth said...

This song brings back the days when our son was in 6th or 7th grade and he did all the dance moves to this. Huge influence in his musical life.

Have you noticed already, in his passing, how the dross of his personal issues is floating down the river, and his golden talent stands strong?

It's sad though, that he was so sad. Pop stars get so used up.

Claudia said...

The media and the masses were never benevolent towards idols whose complex personal issues become too evident. It's sad because he did have a golden talent.

rauf said...

i had fun watching local MJs Claudia, hundreds of them. I was too old to be affected by it. One thing i knew very well, MJ was not a fluke and he was not a clown. i always believed that the best is yet to come as he was incredibly talented. Even if you take away the visuals the music could stand alone on its merit.

Not everybody would be happy with your brilliant pictures Claudia, you'll get to hear hurtful remarks some times. Some people just don't want you to be happy. MJ suffered the worst from Media, exposing minor lapses that could have been ignored. Like Jennifer Capriati's shop lifting incident which ruined her career. Indian media was free from sensationalising such incidents but from past 5 years the media has become very mean and insensitive due to corporate ownership.

Claudia said...

I'm so happy, Rauf! I've just been given a new camera for my birthday. Now all I have to do is find inspiration again.

Wynona Rider's career was also ruined by an infamous shop lifting incident blown up by the media and it was a shame because she was a talented actress. The price for celebrity is too scary. The media is too scary.

I enjoyed browsing through Lord Boo's beautiful pictures of England on facebook. I hope her eyes are better.

I miss your wonderful pictures, Rauf. Really do.

rauf said...

Going through your Flickr, no one can say that those pictures were taken with a simple camera. Tools are just tools Claudia, they are designed for a particular purpose. Rest is up to you. Your imagination makes the tool very precious Claudia.

I have always imagined Winona Ryder as my daughter, its sad what happened to her, victimised by the media for a silly offense which could have been ignored. she too is incredibly talented. i think she writes scripts too. ( 'Girl interrupted' i think is her story) i'll never get tired of watching 'little women' and 'How to make an American quilt'

Enjoy the new camera Claudia. What make is it ? Arshi has a cannon 450D, and her husband bought her a motor bike and i shrieked. Absolute madness, husband having a motor bike and the wife having one for herself. She already crashed once, had a lucky escape with minor injuries. Her eyes are fine, she is worried about me as i didn't write to her. i'll be posting her pictures in Daylight soon.

Peter said...

Fantastic artist, no doubt, but ever happy? Now, we will never know how successful his comeback would have been! Did you buy some tickets?

Claudia said...

No, Peter, I did not have tickets. I'm a little intimidated by large crowds and tend to stay away from big concerts.

Claudia said...

Rauf, I got another Sony Cybershot: a DSC-W220. It's good enough for what I can do right now. I'm not ready for top-notch Nikon yet... Hope you're doing fine, Rauf!