Saturday, July 11, 2009



My Dad sent me this photo - taken in the Summer of 1948 - of my Mom (in the right), her sister (in the middle) and an Austrian World War II refugee who spent that Summer with them in the Portuguese countryside. My Mom was in convalescence and she looks very frail, especially in comparison with her photo companions. I've noticed that in most of the photos I have of her, the mouth might be smiling but the eyes are usually sad, as if saying: "Fragile. Handle with care."


Ruth said...

I see that.

Look how nicely the portrait is composed, the way the girls fit into the landscape. And their clothing is just perfect for a black and white.

Whole narratives emerge from old photos.

Peter said...

Friendship and love should be handled with care! It's often more fragile than you imagine.

The photos taken those days are in general rare, should also be handled with care!

Claudia said...

Old family photos are a bit magical, aren't they? Crystalized moments and expressions around which we try to arrange what we know and to infer what we don't. They can be faithful reflections or complete misrepresentations perpetuated for as long as the photo lasts.

Thank you, Ruth and Peter.