Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Hazy Summer matrix

Blue skies in Milton Keynes are not that common. This was yesterday. Now it's raining again. It's cold too. Doesn't feel like Summer.

It's the end of the school year. Parties, concerts and all kinds of events are happening every other day. Swine flu is the main topic of conversation. Everyone knows someone who's ill and with all the media hype people have started talking about the flu as if it were the bubonic plague. Crazy times. The origins and timing of this virus inspire innumerous conspiration thories and I'm inclined to go along with some of them.


Ruth said...

Happy blue skies and beautiful image.

I hadn't heard about conspiracy theories about this flu. I'll keep my eyes and ears open. Our flu hype has died down here. Stay healthy, you and yours.

Peter said...

Sometimes difficult to distinguish between the real one and the reflections! The sky is blue here! Time to change skies?

You seem for the moment to have more problems with the flu than here... Let's see what will happen. So many different opinions ... as on many other topics!

João said...

You just need to look up at the skies, dear Claudia, everything is going on as normal...Only we go through crisis only we engage on conspiracies.
Stay clear from harm, take care.

João said...

BTW congrats on your new optics, it shows.

Claudia said...

The hype is just starting here, Ruth, with the first deaths of healthy children with the new bug. All you hear about is drugs such as Tamiflu and mass vaccination plans. The most drastic of conspiracy theories proclaims that this virus was purposely created and released during the worst economic slump in decades by the pharmaceutical industry to revamp its profits. Personally, I'm not that drastic, although I do find that it's quite a convenient coincidence for some.

Claudia said...

Yes, Peter, if everything goes according to plan, I'll be changing skies next week!

Apparently the UK is the country with the most cases of swine flu in Europe. A few cases are now springing up in Portugal, but nothing major like here.

Claudia said...

Obrigada, João.

rauf said...

All is fair in love and war and making money. i didn't say that Claudia. But the big corporates believe that.

Its a very pleasant blend with the sky. Is that the new Sony cybershot ?
12MP, big image. Right place right time.

a scene from 'Bed of Roses' comes to mind, its a note:
'Thank you for a day of too much perfection'

Claudia said...

Yes, Rauf, I'm shooting with new Cybershot. The old one was beyond repair, which pains me a bit because it was not even 4 years old. We live in an age where everything seems to last very little time. The age of disposal. Things aren't built to last forever anymore.

The only reason why the 12 MP comes in handy is because it allows for quite a lot of cropping. I resort to technology to make up for my lack of spontaneous photographic talent. My published pictures are rarely straight out of the camera.

I've never seen "Bed of Roses" but I'm flattered with the association you've made. Thank you.