Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Favourite movie scenes

Three Days of the Condor on imdb


rauf said...

oh ! never heard of it Claudia, scratching my yeddu. Where was i in '75 ? Not interested in American politics ? This was after Pentagon papers leak. i think i was more interested in spate of Mafia movies. Robert Redford Cliff Robertson are so young here. Cliff played Kennedy in PT 109. After Barefoot in the park we had too many Redford movies, and i missed this one.

Claudia said...

It's a great film, Rauf. Best Redford and Faye Dunaway film in my opinion. She plays a photographer and her photos made me fall in love with b&w photography. It's also a remarkably "actual" film... Sydney Pollack at his best.

Ruth said...

I think I saw it when I was in high school, and I had a crush on Robertson (not Redford), which is what I remember, not the story. Then I saw it again a few years ago and was very impressed. I think this is Redford at his best. He has made too many so-so movies lately, too sentimental (such as Lions for Lambs, which in my opinion was way too much talking and telling).

I love when movies shift like this at the end, and you feel your insides do somersaults.

Susan said...

Ahhhh, the glorious Redford at his supreme best! I love this movie and watch whenever I see it in the TV listings. My fave is still "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid".

Hi, I came over from synchronizing and was intrigued because you mentioned you had lived in Ohio, my home state and where I reside now. Where did you live? Your blog is beautiful!

Claudia said...

I bet that if you see it again now, Ruth, you'll appreciate it even more.

Thank you, Susan. I lived in Beavercreek for four years. My Dad was a liason officer for the Portuguese Airforce at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

Trulyfool said...

Sidney Pollack mastered the well-produced, adult, politically-edged, Hollywood film. And I love him for it.

3 Days of the Condor I've seen a dozen times -- just this week remembering the scene where Max V S is 'terminating' the CIA group that Redford has momentarily left. He directs Tina Chen to "move away from the blinds" (maybe twice?) She looks at him (the dot matrix printer going through its noise) and says "I want to scream". Still keeping to his efficiency, yet showing sympathy, he says, "I know." We hear the silencer.